Christine Bentley Photography

Hi! A little about myself…

I am Yasmina Colony, engaged to my wonderful fiancé. Who works as a FireFighter which has been his lifelong dream. I am a web designer, graphic designer, a small events coordinator, I also work for my mother and my aunt, and an Arbonne consultant. I am based out of Southern California.

I love trying new things, so this is why I decided to start blogging. Sharing my love of food, travel, drinks, adventure, food, baking, cooking, eating, did I mention food? 😉

Thank you for stopping by to read my page! Join me in my food ventures and all that comes with it!

Above is a photo of my fiancé and I, taken by the lovely Christine Bentley ( www.christinebentley.com ) Instagram: @chrisbentley

If you would like to see some of the design work I do check out ( www.yasminacolony.com )

( www.yasminacolony.arbonne.com )